Narrow Stencil Wiping Roll for MPM Printers, Premium FP

Product Information

Narrow MPM Stencil Wiping Roll is on a smaller core to save money


  • Specifically engineered for lead free and FP (Fine Pitch) applications
  • MPM Speedline stencil printing machines
  • Exact replacement for the OEM MPM stencil rolls


  • Advanced fabric is up to 20% stronger and 50% more absorptive than other polyester/cellulose non-woven fabrics
  • Durable and absorbent fabric - not paper
  • Soft, non-linting, low-particulate fabric uses no chemical binders
  • The narrow MPM stencil wiping roll eliminates the need to use solvents during automated understencil wiping
  • Helps helps reduce roll consumption, speed printing and improve yields to save money
  • Choose 9"W x 39' L (230 mm wide x 11.8 m long) or 12" x 39'L (304 mm wide x 11.8 m)
  • No extensions on either end

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image J140DA J140DA J140DA Case of 10 Rolls 6.35 kg 14 lbs. 230 mm x 11.8 m 9' x 39'
Product Image J152DA J152DA J152DA Case of 10 Rolls 6.80 kg 15 lbs. 304 mm x 11.8m 12' x 39'
Part Number J140DA J152DA
Package Case of 10 Rolls Case of 10 Rolls
Weight 6.35 kg 14 lbs. 6.80 kg 15 lbs.
Size 230 mm x 11.8 m 9' x 39' 304 mm x 11.8m 12' x 39'
Technical Data Sheet