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Mike Jones

The Writer with the Blank Keyboard

Vice President, International Sales

Mike Jones is warm and engaging. He’s the kind of person that when he asks you a question, he is truly interested in hearing your answer.  “Jonesy” is passionate about MicroCare and is still incredibly energetic and enthusiastic about the work he’s been doing here for 30 years.

“It is enormously satisfying to work with a client and develop a new solution that fixes their problem.”


Learning How To Do It Right

Mike was raised in central Connecticut, one of four children. He grew up watching his parents run the family business which became the parent company of MicroCare. He learned what to do and what not to do, including how to treat customers right. Mike received his BA from Grove City College in western Pennsylvania, with a triple major in English, History and Spanish. There he learned to research and to write, two skills he has used every day of his working career.


After graduation, Mike served in the Air Force as an air traffic controller at the end of the Vietnam War. He then earned his MBA from Columbia University and went on to spend thirteen years with New York Telephone (then AT&T, now Verizon) working on marketing, research, advertising and business development in the telecom industry.

MicroCare in Words and Pictures

Jonesy joined MicroCare in 1990, returning to the family business. Since then he has been the primary marketing person at the company for nearly 30 years. He serves as the company’s unofficial photographer and has captured thousands of images documenting product innovations, employee highlights and the tremendous growth of the company.


Mike also serves as the voice of the company. He’s written advertising copy, product specs, white papers, sales letters, press releases, catalogs, website content and over 40 technical articles. He writes and writes and writes some more — so much that he’s actually worn the letters off his keyboard!

Sales and Travel

Now the Vice President of International Sales, Mike travels throughout Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Even after 30 years, helping customers is exciting. “The best part of my job is working with customers,” he said. “It is enormously satisfying to work with a client and develop a new solution that fixes their problem.”


Critical Cleaning Experts

Jonesy explained that most companies benefit from bringing MicroCare resources into their plant because critical cleaning is a very specialized niche that most customers rarely explore. “Most of our customers are experts in other specialties,” he said. “The focused expertise MicroCare brings, as well as the new products coming out of our Critical Cleaning Lab, are extremely useful and often unexpected to our customers. They can worry about their main job and leave the cleaning issues to MicroCare.”


On a Personal Note

Today, Mike lives in central North Carolina with his wife, Annie. They share their home with their rescue dogs. Outside of business, Mike also is very involved in his community. In the 1990s, he was elected as a Selectman in the Town of Ridgefield CT. Currently he is a member of the Moore County Airport Authority which is responsible for the operation of Pinehurst (NC) Regional Airport. A commercial pilot, Mike volunteers with “Angelflight” to fly patients to medical care and with “Young Eagles” to give free airplane rides to kids interested in flying. He also enjoys gardening, golfing and cooking.


Photo of Mike Jones
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