Elizabeth Norwood

Senior Chemist

Elizabeth Norwood - The Chemist Who Hated Chemistry

Meet Elizabeth Norwood, a Senior Chemist at MicroCare, dedicated to assisting customers in solving critical cleaning problems for various applications, from circuit boards to medical devices and industrial parts.

“Collecting a wide breadth of information is enjoyable and having it to draw from in the future is exciting and rewarding.”

The Critical Cleaning Lab

Elizabeth, along with other Critical Cleaning Lab chemists, conducts cleaning trials and offers expert guidance on selecting appropriate processes and fluids. They're also deeply involved in pioneering new cleaning technologies.

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic researcher. “I enjoy investigating the issues and obstacles,” she said. “Often my findings have far reaching effects other than just the current project we’re working on. Collecting a wide breadth of information is enjoyable and having it to draw from in the future is exciting and rewarding. It’s like finding missing pieces of a puzzle.”

Chemistry was Boring

Surprisingly, Elizabeth's journey into chemistry wasn't straightforward. Despite finding high school chemistry dull, her fascination with understanding mechanisms led her to dismantle gadgets, much to her father's reel-to-reel-tape recorder's detriment! It wasn't until college, during an organic chemistry class, that she uncovered her love for the subject. Chemistry, with its unique language, unraveled the mysteries of how things functioned, captivating her entirely.

Awards and Patents Pending

With a Chemistry degree from the University of St. Joseph and nearly 30 years of experience, Elizabeth has garnered recognition, winning SMTA speaker awards and holding two pending patents at MicroCare. In 2018, she clinched the MicroCare "Meeting the Challenge" award.

On a Personal Note

Beyond her professional achievements, Elizabeth treasures her family life in Connecticut with her husband and their two grown sons, who infuse her days with joy and occasional challenges. In her leisure time, she finds solace in gardening and immersing herself in crime novels.

Advocating for STEM education, Elizabeth mentors high school robotics teams and engages middle school girls in robotics programs. Her involvement extends to volunteering for various causes, including religious education, youth ministry, cancer support, and hospice care.

Elizabeth Norwood's life is a complex tapestry woven with diverse interests and commitments. Yet, amidst her bustling schedule, she always finds time for a good mystery or puzzle, embodying her enduring curiosity and passion for discovery.

Elizabeth Norwood