Dan Sinclair

Strategic Account Executive

Dan Sinclair - Hitting the Sales Bullseye

Dan Sinclair is a seasoned professional with a diverse career spanning military service, insurance, and the electronics industry sales management for MicroCare. Currently serving as Strategic Account Executive for MicroCare, Dan brings a wealth of experience and valuable lessons learned to his role. 

Career Journey and Military Background
Dan's journey began at Keene State in New Hampshire, where he pursued a degree in Business Administration. However, driven by his passion for marksmanship, he made the bold decision to join the US Army. During his time in the military, Dan excelled as a Scout, participating in various specialized training programs such as Man-Tracking School, Air Assault School, Combat Leaders Course, and Primary Leadership Development Course. His dedication and skills led him to attend the prestigious US Army Sniper School in Ft. Benning, GA, where he earned the distinguished title of Distinguished Honor Graduate. As a leader within the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Dan led his platoon's snipers with distinction. 

Transition to Sales and MicroCare
Transitioning to civilian life, Dan ventured into the world of sales, initially in the insurance industry with New York Life. There, he helped individuals safeguard their lives and assets, providing them with financial security and peace of mind. With a successful track record in insurance and investments, Dan made a shift to the electronics industry when he joined MicroCare in 2006.

A Problem-Solving Sales Approach
Embracing a problem-solving sales approach, he focuses on understanding his clients' needs and delivering tailored solutions. His ability to educate customers on the value of MicroCare’s products and services, rather than resorting to a hard sell, has consistently yielded positive results. 

Joining MicroCare was a natural fit for Dan, drawn by the company's ethical values, team-oriented environment, and the caliber of its employees. MicroCare's commitment to fostering long-term relationships and its emphasis on professional experience resonated deeply with him. Dan appreciates MicroCare's trust in the expertise and experience of its team members. 

Remarkable Aspects of Working at MicroCare
One of the remarkable aspects of working at MicroCare, according to Dan, is the diverse range of products and markets the company serves. From circuit board manufacturers to fiber optic service providers and medical device makers, MicroCare's technical resources and capabilities continually impress clients. Dan finds great fulfillment in working inside such a dynamic organization. 
“MicroCare’s ability to serve a diverse range of industries and deliver exceptional solutions never ceases to impress me. It’s rewarding to be part of such a multi-faceted organization that continually exceeds customer expectations,” said Dan.

Building Relationships 
In his role of Strategic Account Executive, Dan is responsible for devising strategies to enhance services and cultivate positive relationships with key MicroCare clients. Drawing upon his unique military background, Dan brings strategic thinking, discipline, and meticulous attention to detail to his work. These qualities, combined with his extensive sales background, his comprehensive understanding of MicroCare's platforms and ability to forge strong client relationships make him perfect for his Strategic Account Executive role.

Personal Interests
Dan lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Allison and their German Shephard, Xena. In his leisure time he enjoys biking, hiking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. 




Dan Sinclair