Annette Serrano

Customer Relations Team Lead

Annette Serrano - The Smile Over the Phone

Annette Serrano, started with MicroCare Medical Infection Prevention, then known as Certol, back in 1994. Annette rose through the ranks of the company, doing the tasks that needed getting done. Everything from answering customer service calls to entering payments into the accounting system and more.

“I enjoy working every day with our wonderful customers. I believe people can hear a smile over the phone.”

Today, as our Customer Relations Team Lead for Infection Prevention, Annette helps the MicroCare Outside Sales Team serve our highest priority customers. She manages surveys, enters pricing, sets up new accounts and resolves inventory issues. With her decades of experience, she has tremendous customer knowledge as well as excellent systems and product understanding.

Annette is the answer-lady and a go-to person for the rest of the Customer Relations Team. But that doesn’t mean she’s happy with the status-quo. Annette likes learning new things and is always bringing fresh ideas and better ways to do things to the table.

Service with a Smile

Annette approaches her work with a positive outlook. She says, “I enjoy working every day with the wonderful team at MicroCare and our customers. I believe people can hear a smile over the phone.”

On a Personal Note

Annette lives close to our Denver facility. When she’s not at the office she enjoys spending time walking and hiking. She says, “I love running away to the mountains on weekends with my husband to get away from it all.”  

Annette Serrano