Chris Jones

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Chris Jones - A Visionary Innovator and Customer-Centric Leader

Chris Jones, an embodiment of curiosity and charisma, leaves an indelible mark on everyone he encounters. A true people-person, Chris is captivated by diverse perspectives and revels in meaningful connections, infusing each interaction with genuine enthusiasm. 

Early Pathways
Hailing from central Connecticut, Chris's journey saw him at the Stauton Military Academy before embarking on a six-year tenure in the submarine service, during the Vietnam era. A sonar specialist, he contributed to classified missions, honing his skills as the "eyes and ears" of a submarine. 

Transition to Entrepreneurship
Post-military, Chris entered the family business, a chemical distribution company in New England. In 1983, his unwavering determination paved the way for MicroCare's inception. Driven by customer demand for aerosol-packaged cleaning fluids, he ventured into production, refusing to be stymied by initial setbacks from major suppliers. Chris joined forces with a customer who owned an aerosol filling company. Together, they packaged the first MicroCare aerosols, giving MicroCare its foothold in electronics cleaning.

Innovative Company DNA
Chris's resolute pursuit of customer satisfaction catalyzed MicroCare's transformation. Chris says, “That customer-oriented focus still pervades MicroCare and it is the single most critical differentiation between MicroCare and everybody else in the business.”

Embracing a culture of innovation, MicroCare's unique experimentation, adaptability, and ingenuity became defining attributes, setting us apart from industry giants. 

Catalyst of Evolution
A testament to MicroCare's innovative spirit is the revolutionary TriggerGrip™ cleaning fluid dispenser. A humble yet ingenious creation, this tool epitomizes MicroCare's commitment to customer welfare, enabling efficient and eco-conscious cleaning while fostering brand loyalty.  

“That’s right — we actually invented a tool to help people buy less of our products,” Chris recalls. “It sounds crazy. But if you really help customers, they will remain loyal customers.”

Championing Change
"Learning new things is paramount," Chris attests. His steadfast belief in dismantling conventional barriers propels him to encourage others to shatter obsolete norms. A pioneer in the electronics industry, MicroCare's breakthroughs in HFE and HFO-based chemistries underscore Chris's commitment to driving progress. 

Splitting his time between Connecticut and Florida, he continues to champion innovation, echoing his mantra: "Challenge assumptions, embrace change, and create anew in an ever-evolving world. Otherwise, you’ll be like companies making buggy whips in the age of autonomous vehicles.”

Personal Pursuits
Beyond the professional sphere, Chris thrives in his roles as a husband to Lucey, father of seven, and grandfather of eight. 

Looking Ahead
Chris Jones stands as the embodiment of MicroCare's ethos, fueling its evolution and success through innovation and unwavering dedication to customers. His remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of continuous learning and trailblazing transformation. 

Chris says, “We'll continue to be a dynamic business, focused on customers, focused on employees, focused on community. There wasn't a grand design to start MicroCare. It's one of those things that just happened. I look back now at it, four decades later, and say, “I couldn't have planned it as well as it turned out.”


Chris Jones