Don Phifer

Sales Engineer

Don Phifer - The Hush-Hush Sales Representative

Don Phifer could tell you what he’s working on, but he’d have to kill you. Just kidding. It’s true, however, that much of Don’s work is highly confidential. As a MicroCare Sr. Technical Sales Representative, Don works with cutting edge production and design engineers in the medical, aerospace and defense industries. As such, much of what Don works on is top-secret. “Several of the companies I work with are ‘off the record’ and I cannot even acknowledge they exist. They have incredibly high confidentiality requirements and the work they do is extremely hush-hush,” Don explained.

“I get to see the technologies of tomorrow, today, and that’s extremely exciting.”

Off the Record

Working “off the record” with engineers, production technicians and buyers to help them improve their cleaning processes is both challenging and thrilling for Don. “The fact that I get to work with cutting edge, front-line design in technically advanced industries is incredible,” Don enthused. “I get to see the technologies of tomorrow, today, and that’s extremely exciting.”

A Long History of Sales and Development

Prior to joining MicroCare in 2017, Don was with EIS, Inc. for 24 years. He worked alongside OEMs, contract manufacturers and product development firms in the medical, aerospace, defense, automotive and electronic industries. He filled various roles including inside sales, outside sales and business development. He was named a National Sales Person of the Year at EIS and received the President’s Award twice.

Don is highly respected in the industries he serves and is proud to be working at MicroCare, a company that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. “I’m a customer-service kind of guy, and MicroCare also is totally committed to a quality customer experience, so were a perfect fit,” he said.

Living proof that an English major can do anything, including selling critical cleaning fluids and services, Don studied English and Communications at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University. “Go devils, forks up!”, Don cheered.

On a Personal Note

Don is an Arizona native. He lives in the Phoenix area with his wife Che, who works as a midwife at a nearby birth center. Yes, she was named by “her hippie parents”, as Don calls them, after Che Guevara, the Argentine revolutionary. He has four adult stepchildren and one wonderful grandson, named Asher.

Don and Che spend their weekends working on their 1936 Tudor house and the surrounding property. They also refurbish furniture, so if you’re looking for Don, you’ll probably find him in his woodworking shop.

They also share their home with a menagerie of animals. “We currently have two cats, 10 rabbits and three chickens. The rabbits and chickens came with the house. We started with just two rabbits, but they just kept multiplying, well, like rabbits,” he joked.

Don is an avid soccer enthusiast and a member of the “American Outlaws”, a nationwide organization supporting the U.S. national soccer teams. He also likes Formula 1 racing, football, concerts and car shows. He has also been a youth leader in his church and works with the homeless. “Mostly feeding, clothing, and helping them to get back on track,” he said.