Dan Sinclair

National Sales Manager

Dan Sinclair - The Sniper

It’s rare to find a manager today who has just had three jobs in his whole career. But that’s Dan Sinclair, the National Sales Manager for MicroCare. He’s been a soldier, then he moved to insurance, and then into electronics industry. It’s been a varied career and he has learned powerful lessons he applies in his MicroCare work.

“My way of approaching the customer is to provide a solution.”

A Military Career as the Foundation

Dan attended Keene State in New Hampshire and studied Business Administration. But before he finished there, he decided to join the US Army, with an eye on the art and science of being a Sniper. The US Army has been the foundation for Dan’s entire professional life. “After a year in the regular Army, I became a Scout. I went to many different schools — Man-Tracking School, Air Assault School, Combat Leaders Course, Primary Leadership Development Course and stuff like that,” Dan said.

“Then I realized I wanted to do more, and I was selected to go to the US Army Sniper School in Ft. Benning GA. I was able to achieve the title of Distinguished Honor Graduate obtaining the best overall test and shooting scores and I led the Snipers in my Scout platoon with the 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks,” Dan recalled proudly.

The World of Sales

After the Army, Dan moved back to New Hampshire and into selling insurance for New York Life. “I helped people preserve their lives and their assets,” Dan said. “My products helped people to live comfortably, and when the time came they could pass their wealth to the next generation. It’s a big deal.”

Dan had a successful career in Insurance and Investments but jumped to the electronics industry after he relocated to California to be closer to family. Today, Dan uses a problem-oriented, troubleshooting style when working with clients. “My way of approaching the customer is to provide a solution,” he said. “I want to find out what problems they’re having. If I can find out what’s going on and why, I can deliver a better solution.”

Dan has great confidence in his customers. “Just like with insurance, if you educate the customer about cleaning, and they understand what they’re using and why their using it, the ‘hard sell’ goes away. People naturally make really good decisions, when they have all the real facts.”

MicroCare Trusts Experience

MicroCare was appealing to Dan because of the ethics of the company, the team-building, and the quality of the people. Dan also liked the fact that people stay a long time at MicroCare. Low employee turnover is symptomatic of a great place to work. “Nobody leaves MicroCare. That means we have a lot of older, more experienced people on our team,” Dan noted. “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t sell. Like being a sniper, experience matters 100%. The culture of MicroCare trusts experience. It put me back in a place where I felt at home.”

The Markets We Serve

One of the most surprising aspects about working at MicroCare Dan found is the diversity of the product line and the variation in the markets we serve. “Everybody cleans. One day you might be calling on a circuit board Contract Manufacturer, and the next day you’re at the JPL looking at the moon,” Dan said. “And then you’re working with a medical device maker who is putting surgical tools inside a person’s body. At MicroCare, we have a plethora of technical resources. People are amazed at all that we can do.”