Ed Mark

Technical Consultant

Ed Mark - Years of Experience

Ed Mark, Technical Consultant for MicroCare, has over 50 years of experience in critical cleaning, working for DuPont, Brenntag and MicroCare in technical sales and service. He is an expert on vapor degreasing and modern cleaning fluid technologies. Ed specializes in in on-site technical consultation and custom designing equipment and methods for unique cleaning applications.

Ed starts his work day early with careful pre-call prepping and planning before his customer appointments for the day. Even though those meeting are done virtually these days, it’s all about solving customer’s cleaning dilemmas by providing the best MicroCare products and service. And some of those products Ed was instrumental in helping to develop, including the MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid and Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid.

When not working with customers Ed and his wife enjoy visiting with their family. Ed, always a big sports fan, coached fast pitch softball for years, but after two-knee replacements now spends most of his free time on the golf links.

Ed Mark

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