Rob Lee

The Running "Nerd-Hound"

Rob Lee - Senior Market & Technical Manager

Rob Lee has spent his entire career in industrial sales and technical support. He is an expert on fluorinated chemistries. Combine that with his knowledge of vapor degreasing and the financial impact of critical cleaning and it’s no wonder he’s so good at what he does.

“We are a fast-growing company that likes to try new things.”

Effective, Yet Affordable Critical Cleaning

Using his marketing, finance and manufacturing background, Rob plays a big part in getting many MicroCare new products introduced to the market. He also specializes in developing customized applications for our customers. Rob promotes cutting-edge innovation, but still keeps a careful eye on the finances too. He carefully weighs the impact of the new cleaning technologies to find the right value for customers.

Years of Experience and Expertise

Before starting at MicroCare in 2015, Rob spent 32 years with DuPont Fluorochemicals (now Chemours) working closely with customers on issues related to performance, safety, economics and environmental concerns. He also worked to develop refrigerated azeotropes while there.

Innovative Spirit

Rob enjoys working at a pioneering company like MicroCare. “We are a fast-growing company that likes to try new things,” he said. “Many other companies simply get stuck and stop innovating, but not here at MicroCare. We stay flexible and amenable to new ideas.”

Customer Collaboration Leads to Success

According to Rob, much of our innovation is in direct response to our customers’ particular needs. “I work hard to understand a customer’s problem and to find the best solution. The key is not to push a customer. Pushing doesn’t work. Pulling out information from a customer and listening to them is much better. It’s only then that I learn what I can truly do to help them,” Rob said.

Rob gets a customer to explain what they’re trying to do, what the problem is, and what’s worked in the past. Only then does he offer suggestions on processes or cleaning fluids. It’s this type of customer interaction that lead to Rob earning the 2018 MicroCare “Best New Opportunity” award.

Education and Volunteerism

Rob holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and was the valedictorian of his MBA class from the Lerner College of Business and Economics. He also is CFA certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

As a volunteer in his community, Rob taught a senior economics class at McKean High School in Delaware and coached a high school economics team that won the Delaware State JA (Junior Achievement) Economics Competition for four straight years.

On a Personal Note

Rob is a self-described “nerd-hound”. He likes to read financial, psychology, economics and business publications. Rob is an avid runner. He has completed two marathons and one biathlon. His wife, Diane, is also a runner and she and Rob often run together, up to 6 miles per day. “We look forward to it. It’s a great way to get in our discussion for the day,” Rob said. “Spend an hour running together and you really get to know someone. It’s guaranteed there will always be a good conversation.”

Rob and Diane have two sons, both studying and doing well at the University of Delaware. Rob enjoys having them visit along with his parents who live close by. “It’s a good time in our life,” Rob reflected.

Rob Lee