Venesia Hurtubise

Technical Service Chemist

Venesia Hurtubise - The Serious Scientist with a Sense of Humor

Venesia Hurtubise is a person who approaches life seriously, but not too seriously. She manages to find the right blend of work and play to keep a happy balance. She is a no-nonsense Chemist doing important research and product development in our Critical Cleaning Lab, yet she is also friendly, approachable and very funny.

“There are always new projects to work on and new challenges to keep you thinking.”

Research and Sales

Venesia joined MicroCare in 2014. She originally split her time between working in the lab and visiting customers around the New England territory. Now she spends her days devoted to developing and testing new formulations to help our MicroCare customers clean better, faster and safer.

“I like that the work we do here is never the same every day. There are always new projects to work on and new challenges to keep you thinking,” she explained.

“Going into the field was a real eye-opener for me,” she recalled. “My morning call might be a trip to a gritty manufacturing plant. Then my afternoon visit would be to an aerospace clean room where I needed to wear a sterile gown and hood. But no matter what the environment, it was always invaluable to spend ‘face time’ with our customers to really understand their critical cleaning challenges.”

MicroCare Spokesperson

In addition to lab work and customer visits, Venesia helps staff the MicroCare booth at industry trade shows. One particularly fun moment was when Venesia gave a video interview about vapor degreasing to the editor of an industry magazine. When the interviewer asked about the chemical composition of our Tergo™ cleaning fluid, Venesia, with a completely straight face, simply replied “It’s magic pixie dust — it works great!” That was the hit of the show.

The Face of MicroCare

Pick up a MicroCare brochure or watch some of our videos and you’ll also see Venesia. She is one of our MicroCare experts demonstrating the proper ways to use MicroCare cleaning solutions. “It’s fun to hand a customer a brochure, watch them do a double take and have them ask, ‘“Wait, is that you?”’ she laughed.

An Award Winner

Venesia is also a MicroCare all-star. She was the 2017 “Meeting the Challenge” award winner for her hard work and dedication to our MicroCare customers. In 2019, she was also named as one of Product Finishing Magazine’s 40-Under-40 rising stars in the metal finishing industry.


Venesia studied at the University of New Haven in Connecticut and then went on to Imperial College in London where she earned a BS degree in Chemistry and Forensic Science and an MS degree in Green Chemistry. She currently is attending UConn law school, studying intellectual property and environmental law.

On a Personal Note

Today, Venesia makes her home in central Connecticut. She has family scattered across the country and loves it when they come to visit. They spend time together performing music and lingering over home-cooked meals. Venesia has been playing the clarinet her whole life, but mostly sticks with the ukulele now.

When not working, Venesia volunteers her time with the State Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB). She visits with a blind friend a couple of times each month to help her sort her mail and do other daily tasks. To burn off energy and stay in shape, Venesia practices kickboxing and Krav Maga self-defense. “It’s so much fun. If I’ve had a rough day, it helps me work out my aggression and feel a lot better,” Venesia said.

On the weekends Venesia likes watching sci-fi movies, zombie movies and any movie starring Harrison Ford. “A zombies in space movie, starring Harrison Ford, would be awesome,” she joked.

Venesia Hurtubise