Ken Tingley

Sr. Laboratory Technician

Ken Tingley - The Q & A Technician

Ken Tingley joined MicroCare in September 2021, as a Senior Laboratory Technician. As such, it is Ken’s job to perform testing on samples supplied by the MicroCare manufacturing team or by our MicroCare customers. He also produces COAs (certificates of analysis) for all of the MicroCare products and supports the research and quality assurance teams.

“New projects come in to the lab daily, so there is always something interesting to work on and usually something new to discover.”

Ken is still new to the MicroCare team, but excited to be working on a variety of ongoing and new projects in the Critical Cleaning Lab. Along with the rest of the lab team, he is testing new chemical formulations and blends including some groundbreaking new products currently in development.

A Structured Approach

Like many chemists, Ken’s approach to his work is structured and analytical which makes him perfect for his role.  “I like to understand the scope of the project before just jumping in,” Ken explained. “Learn from asking the right questions and then really listen to the answers. This helps clarify all aspects and helps me plan and prepare before starting any project.”

Ken enjoys working in the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab. “New projects come in to the lab daily, so there is always something interesting to work on and usually something new to discover,” Ken says.  “Plus, my team members, both inside and outside the lab, make MicroCare an interesting, fun and friendly place to work.”

Precision Cleaning and the World of Vapor Degreasing

Before starting at MicroCare, Ken wasn’t familiar with precision cleaning or vapor degreasing. But he quickly learned the process. “It’s a very interesting and smart way to clean parts,” Ken says. “It uses solvent vapors instead of water to cleanse and remove contaminants. It’s perfect for cleaning electronics and machined parts that must be critically clean for prolonged, demanding use. Something that is especially important to our aerospace, defense and automotive customers.”

On a Personal Note

Ken moved from Northern Maine to Massachusetts, and eventually to Eastern Connecticut. He is a family man. “I’ve got an awesome wife, Michele, and two of the best kids in the world,” Ken says. They also share their home with their yellow lab.

Depending on the season, you’ll find Ken chilling by the pool in summer or hanging out by a backyard fire with friends and family when it’s colder. He just enjoys being outside and enjoying the great outdoors.





Ken Tingley