Peggy Spitzer

Clinical, Technical and Education Specialist

Peggy Spitzer - The Educator

Peggy Spitzer joined MicroCare Medical, formerly known as Certol, in 2003 and serves as a Clinical, Technical and Education Specialist. As our resident medical and dental infection prevention expert, Peggy writes website and catalog content along with other marketing materials. She also is our go-to person for our hospital/dental customers with questions about industry standards, professional guidelines or specific product application questions.

A former dental hygienist and former dental hygiene college educator, Peggy is passionate about her work. “I am very curious and obsessed with patient safety through infection prevention. It is great to combine my passion with my work,” she says.

“I am very curious and obsessed with patient safety through infection prevention."

Teamwork Inside and Out

Peggy takes every opportunity to interact with her customers by joining the team at industry trade shows. She also networks with local professional organizations including the Denver Hospital Sterile Processing community. She joined the Rocky Mountain Chapter, became a chapter officer, and developed special programs and in-service education both for business purposes and to support the chapter.

“Helping the chapter started as a way to support our sales but turned into a long-term mission to recognize and support the education of hospital sterile processing technicians.  It was a challenging experience to “step behind the curtain” and enter a sterile processing department of a hospital, realize how important it is and how little the public understands of this crucial area of the hospital,” Peggy explains.

A Win-Win with ProEZ Foam

Peggy uses her dental hygiene degree from Colorado Northwestern Community College and her B.A. and Masters in Adult Education from the University of Northern Colorado to help teach hospital sterile processing technicians, infection control specialists and nurses. She is especially proud to support product testing and provide in-service education for the entire line of products including our ProEZ Foam™.  “The in-service training not only dramatically increased our sales, but at the same time promoted better practices in the Veterans Administration hospital system and several other major civilian hospitals,” she says.

Time for Work and Fun

Peggy is currently semi-retired, but continues to work part-time from her home in Southern Colorado. She and her husband have been married for fifty years and enjoy local sightseeing, picnics, reading and walking. She’s currently reading Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose to plan an extended vacation to re-trace some of the journey of Lewis and Clark.

Peggy Spitzer