Tyler Longenecker

Strategic Account Executive

Tyler Longenecker - the Charismatic Coach

As Commercial Sales Manager for MicroCare Medical Infection Prevention, Tyler Longenecker leverages over a decade of experience to help lead and drive our sales initiatives and activities with our MicroCare distributor network and end users to drive profitable growth.

“Many folks think that a sales role is strictly selling a product, but it’s so much more than that."

In his role, he works closely with all business segments to develop and execute winning MicroCare strategies. Tyler is responsible for defining and planning key objectives and delivering long-term sales growth across the Medical, Dental, and Industrial segments. He leads the customer interface with key decision makers at our top accounts to elevate MicroCare to a preferred partner. Much of his work is collaborative, not only with MicroCare customers, but also with our internal marketing, customer service, and product management teams.

Over A Decade of Experience

Tyler joined MicroCare in 2022 with over 10 years of experience selling industrial MRO (maintenance, repairs and operations) products and tools. Before joining MicroCare, he held upper-level management positions at Newell Brands and Fein Power Tools, delivering tremendous sales succes and sales team leadership.

The Charismatic Coach

Tyler is purpose driven and results oriented when it comes to his work style. He takes a structured and logical approach which helps him create the best mindset when it comes to overdriving results.

Tyler’s “teamwork first” mentality and his "charismatic coach" personality make him both approachable and fun. He describes himself as a “social butterfly” which helps when it comes to working with customers and his team. “Understanding how they operate, identifying what helps them succeed, and finding ways to adapt is always something that provides a positive result,” Tyler explains.

The Secret to a Successful Professional Life?

Building Relationships. Tyler is a big communicator at work. He says, “Many folks think that a sales role is strictly selling a product, but it’s so much more than that. Often, we aren’t even selling products, but rather ourselves and our time to help others. I’ve been able to build tremendous relationships with coworkers and customers simply by asking how they are doing and what I can do to help. Being a kind and outgoing human is not a hard task, and I’d like to think I’ve been able to grow upon this trait,” he says.

Outside the Office
Tyler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with a focus in Economics from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He ran competitively in high school and college and attributes running to be a terrific way to clear the mind and relax.

Tyler and his family are based in sunny Tampa, FL. He and his wife, Hope, have two young daughters  who keep them busy playing in their yard, swimming and visiting the park. They also share their home with two Dachshunds, Oscar and Ollie who are very loving.

The Longenecker household is also a big fan of their Tampa Bay sports teams. Between the Lightning, Bucs, and Rays, they are constantly cheering on one of their local teams.

Tyler Longenecker