Sticklers™ CleanClicker™ 750 2.5mm Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

Product Information

With just one click the 2.5mm CleanClicker™ from Sticklers™ gets connectors clean


  • Cleans SC/UPC, SC/APC, ST, FC/APC, FC/UPC, E2000/UPC and E2000/APC connectors
  • Also cleans some hardened 2.5 mm connectors
  • Use to clean OptiTap® connectors


  • 750+ speedy cleans in each tool
  • High purity cleaning strand removes dust, particulate and oil contamination
  • Pen-style tool cleans 90% of all connectors with just a single click instead of 2-4 clicks
  • Gentle activation will not damage end-faces during cleaning
  • Long throw, so more cleaning ribbon is used on every activation for better cleaning with every click
  • Long barrel length to fit inside high fiber-count panels without disrupting the adjacent connectors
  • Use for wet/dry cleaning of heavily soiled connectors with the Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Cleaning Fluid
  • Refill cartridges perform 750+ cleanings, with a 30% savings over the cost of a new cleaner

Click here to download the CleanClicker™ 750 users manual - English
Click here to download the CleanClicker™ 750 users manual - Spanish

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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-CCU250 CCU250 8500-05-0001MZ 8500-15-0901MZ 8500-15-0902MZ CCT-250 F16715 F16725 F16717 FCC-250 ATC-NE-E2 ATC-NE-E3 SFM2.0-250 SFM-250 SCK-SS-250 PushCleaner-2.5 HUXCleaner-2.5 HUXCleaner-2.5E MCC-CCU250 Clicker
Product Image MCC-CCR250 CCR250 8500-15-0904MZ 8500-15-0905MZ F16717R ATC-NE-ES2 ATC-NE-ES3 SCK-SS-250-R MCC-CCR250 Refill (Box of 2)
Part Number MCC-CCU250 MCC-CCR250
Package Clicker Refill (Box of 2)
Technical Data Sheet