Elizabeth Norwood

The Chemist Who Hated Chemistry

Elizabeth Norwood - Senior Chemist

Elizabeth Norwood is a Senior Chemist at MicroCare. She helps customers find the right chemistries and processes to solve their critical cleaning problems whether it be for circuit boards, medical devices or industrial machined parts.

“Collecting a wide breadth of information is enjoyable and having it to draw from in the future is exciting and rewarding.”

The Critical Cleaning Lab

She and our team of chemists perform cleaning trials and provide customers with guidance on selecting the right cleaning processes and fluids. The lab team is also deeply involved in researching and developing new cleaning technologies for tomorrow.

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic researcher. “I enjoy investigating the issues and obstacles,” she said. “Often my findings have far reaching effects other than just the current project we’re working on. Collecting a wide breadth of information is enjoyable and having it to draw from in the future is exciting and rewarding. It’s like finding missing pieces of a puzzle.”

Chemistry was Boring

The interesting thing is, Elizabeth didn’t always like chemistry. Her high school chemistry class was a bore. However, Elizabeth was always intrigued by how things worked, often taking them apart to examine their inner parts – much to the detriment of her father’s reel-to-reel tape recorder! It wasn’t until an organic chemistry class in college that Elizabeth discovered her passion for chemistry. It had its own special language. it unlocked the puzzle to how things work. She was hooked.

Awards and Patents Pending

Elizabeth holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT. Now, with 25+ years of experience, Elizabeth has won SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) speaker awards and has two MicroCare patents pending for her work. She also was the MicroCare 2018 “Meeting the Challenge” award winner.

On a Personal Note

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and their two sons. “They keep my life busy and full of excitement, laughter and sometimes a few tears,” she said smiling.

When not in the lab, Elizabeth enjoys gardening and reading. She likes a good mystery to solve and particularly enjoys the Kay Scarpetta series of crime novels by Patricia Cornwall.

She is also a big supporter of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and spends time mentoring a high school robotics team and working with middle school girls in the Lego League Junior robotics program.

Elizabeth is a busy person with lots of moving pieces to her life’s puzzle. She is an alumnae volunteer at her alma mater, a religious education teacher, a youth ministry leader, an American Cancer Society supporter, a Farmington Public School Foundation executive committee member and a hospice volunteer.

Whether at work or play, Elizabeth is very busy but always enjoys a good mystery and puzzle to solve.

Elizabeth Norwood