Tom Tattersall

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Tattersall - The Humble and Proud CEO

When Tom Tattersall joined MicroCare as the New Business Development Manager back in 1997 it was a small family-owned company. It consisted of one location and a handful of employees.

Today the company is a foundation business and part of the portfolio of Heartwood Partners. It is much bigger and growing fast.  As Chief Executive Officer, Tom now oversees five production facilities, four logistics centers, a distribution network spanning 47 countries and nearly 150 employees across the globe. He is responsible for all business operations including business development and strategic planning.

“Innovating is part of our company’s DNA.”

A Source of Pride

The tremendous growth of the company and the responsibility for its continued success is not lost on Tom. “I’m humbled and proud that I can help lead a company that provides a livelihood for so many people,” he said. “Because of their work at MicroCare, our MicroCare families can do awesome things like pay their mortgages and send their kids to college, as well as contribute positively to their communities.”

Previous Work

Tom came to MicroCare from DuPont (now Chemours) where he spent 16 years in various positions of technical service, manufacturing, international sales and marketing. His specialization was in fluorine-based chemistries. When Tom joined the MicroCare team, he brought with him his years of experience in the chemical industry, plus a talent for results-driven leadership. He strongly adheres to and encourages others to follow his personal motto, “Excellence without Exception”.

Innovating for Success

Under Tom’s direction, MicroCare continues to innovate and grow. “Innovating is part of our company’s DNA,” Tom said. “We’re very good at researching and developing. We listen to our customers to better understand their needs. We aren’t afraid to try new things. It has paid off for us and sets us apart from our competitors.”

Tom himself has been awarded three U.S. Patents for his work on novel cleaning formulations. He graduated from Penn State University in University Park, PA as a Scholar with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Supporting the Industry

Supporting the industry is important to Tom. He has actively worked with trade associations that counsel the U.S. EPA as they consider new rules and regulations. For example, speaking with legislators as they were writing amendments to the Clean Air Act. It was Tom’s task to help lawmakers understand the huge impact of CFCs on daily life. He worked to help them find ways to responsibly phase down CFCs while developing and commercializing ozone-safe replacement fluids. Most recently he consulted with the EPA as they look to implemet new rules on hazardous chemicals. 

Never a Bad Day

A surprising tidbit? Tom’s never had a bad day at MicroCare. That’s because even though work is serious business for Tom, there’s always a little time for fun. Tom likes to keep things light with office games and the occasional "ice cream sandwich afternoon".  He works hard to keep the "family" culture intact at MicroCare which starts with the customers and employees.

On a Personal Note

Tom lives in Delaware with his wife Karen. They have four grown daughters and three grandchildren, all of whom he is tremendously proud. They also share their home with Tinsel, their spoiled Bichon-Poo. On the weekends, he enjoys watching all sports, playing the occasional golf game and visits to Bethany Beach in Delaware. Tom also served as Board Chair of Ursuline Academy, a private girls’ school in Wilmington, Delaware.