Tom Doty

Chemist III

Tom Doty - The Competitive Chemist

Tom Doty joined MicroCare in January 2020, as our Quality Control Chemist and quickly advanced to Chemist III.  As such, it is Tom’s job to help customers find the right chemistries and processes to solve their critical cleaning problems whether it be for circuit boards, medical devices or industrial machined parts.

He performs cleaning trials and analysis to provide customers with guidance on selecting the right cleaning processes and fluids. He is also deeply involved in researching and developing new cleaning technologies for tomorrow.

Tom is testing new chemical formulations and blends including some groundbreaking high-purity products currently in development.

“It is satisfying to find cleaning solutions for customers based on their very specific requirements.”

A Disciplined Approach

Like many chemists, Tom’s approach is logical and methodical which makes him perfect for his role. “I like applying the scientific method,” Tom explained. “Start with a hypothesis and follow through to a conclusion through analytical testing.”

Tom enjoys working at the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab because the parameters of critical cleaning are very specific. First, understand the substrate to be cleaned and second, what soil needs to be removed. “It is satisfying to find cleaning solutions for customers based on their very specific requirements,” Tom said.

From Research to a Finished Product

Before joining MicroCare, Tom worked as a laboratory technician at CRC (Capital Resin Corporation), a custom chemical producer of industrial resins and chemicals.

“MicroCare is a world of chemistry away from plastics and resins,” Tom said. “It’s interesting to work with novel chemistries,” he said. “It’s intriguing to watch how these chemistries are developed into new products. And then see how our customers use the product in their critical cleaning applications.”

A Man of Two Minds

Tom has his artistic side and his logical side. When it was time to head to college, Tom chose chemistry over music. He attended Capital University in Columbus, Ohio where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry with a minor in computer science. With his life-long love of learning, Tom is proud to be the first in his immediate family to earn a 4-year college degree. He is also happy to be at MicroCare, continuing his learning quest.

On a Personal Note

Although Tom doesn’t pick up his tuba anymore, he still enjoys music. Some of his favorites include Japanese idol music in general and the music from the video games he played while growing up in particular. Don’t let Tom fool you. Under that low-key demeanor lurks the heart of a true competitor.

Outside of the lab Tom is a big gamer – both the traditional board and video type. In fact, he met his girlfriend, Brenda, playing EverQuest II. The Final Fantasy series and Steins;Gate are also some of his favorites. But they also enjoy traditional board games and have regular family game nights.

Tom moved from Ohio to Connecticut in 2019. He lives with Brenda and her son. Plus, two cats and one pet snake. “The snake isn’t very cuddly,” Tom joked. “I prefer the cats.”

Tom Doty