Ross Gustafson

Senior Chemist

Ross Gustafson - Master of Safer Solutions and ChemiCraft Wizard

With over three decades of experience in product formulation spanning various industries, Ross Gustafson is a seasoned Senior Chemist at MicroCare Denver, a role he assumed in October 2020. Armed with a B.A. in Chemistry from Gustavus Adolphus College and an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado – Boulder, his journey in the field of critical cleaning has been marked by a relentless pursuit of safer and more effective products.

Ross’ career began with a focus on creating safer solutions for the metal cleaning industry, a commitment that has transcended into diverse sectors such as household industrial and institutional (HI&I) cleaners, beverages, cosmetics, and asphalt. As a MicroCare medical Senior Chemist Ross oversees the quality control testing of our products, formulating new ones, adapting current formulations when necessary, and enhancing the efficacy and safety of our product offerings.

Collaboration is Key
Collaborating closely with sales and marketing teams, Ross provides them with essential information and contributes to resolving customer issues.  Ross also emphasizes the team effort at MicroCare Denver in developing new products. Every product conceived is a collective achievement, with each team member contributing to its success. This collaborative spirit is crucial as MicroCare navigates the complexities of reformulating existing products and developing new ones.

This dynamic environment at MicroCare Medical has revealed the surprising versatility of our products, with the unique ability to produce both aqueous and non-aqueous cleaners—an uncommon feat in the industry. A continuous evolution in the raw materials Ross uses allows him to focus toward environmentally preferable and user-friendly solutions, a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for safety and efficacy enhancement.

A Mix of Art and Science
His approach to product formulation is a blend of art and science, honed through practical experience. Although formulation is not explicitly taught in school, Ross’ strong chemistry background and understanding of chemical interactions have been indispensable. Learning by doing, he got a knack for developing products that meet specific cleaning needs.

The culmination of Ross’ efforts is clear in numerous products deployed in the real world, multiple presentations, and published papers. Additionally, he is proud to be named on four patents, a testament to his innovative contributions. 

On a Personal Level
Away from the laboratory, Ross is a devoted family man celebrating 40 years of marriage with his wife, Tina. Their two adult children, Ellie and Zeke, bring immeasurable joy to their lives. They share a passion for travel, particularly cruising in the Caribbean. Their mountain cabin serves as a retreat, though not without the necessary maintenance. Ross finds solace in reading fiction and historical writings, loves sports, attending baseball, hockey games, and more recently, indoor lacrosse matches. 

Ross Gustafson