Vince Libercci

National Sales Manager

Vince Libercci - The Prime Resource

With over three decades of industry experience, Vince Libercci brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lead MicroCare's national sales operations. He is responsible for supervising multiple sales teams, building lasting relationships with key clients, and ensuring long-term profitability for the organization. He is instrumental in leading several teams in specific regions throughout the US, setting ambitious goals, motivating the MicroCare sales teams, and encouraging best practices.

At the Beginning
Vince began his journey with MicroCare in 2018, but his extensive career in the industry started at Newark Electronics, where he served for eleven years as a Branch Manager and Senior Branch Manager. Following that, he spent 19 years at Techni-Tool as a Territory and Corporate Account Manager in the National Capital Region of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Today, Vince plays a crucial role in assisting MicroCare customers in solving critical cleaning problems through a combination of innovative products and his refined sales expertise.

Long-Term Partnerships
Throughout his career, Vince has specialized in direct solution selling, product demonstrations, and problem resolution for customers. Recognizing that successful sales hinge on building long-term relationships, Vince emphasizes the importance of demonstrating value and building trust over time. Some of his end-user relationships have endured for over two decades, a testament to his commitment to fostering lasting connections. 

Being a Prime Resource
Vince attributes his success in relationship building to the mentorship he received over the years. Learning the art of asking questions and actively listening to customers' needs, he strives to be a value-added partner for his customers. Clients know they can rely on Vince, whether for a quick question or to navigate a specific challenge.  Vince says, I always strive to be a prime resource for my customers and a value-added partner.”

Working with a Team
Vince appreciates working with the MicroCare distributor network, drawing from his own experience. Understanding their business and challenges, he believes in supporting the distributor team, recognizing that their success contributes to the overall success of MicroCare.

In addition to his leadership skills, Vince Libercci brings expertise in supply and demand strategies, collaboration with advertising and marketing professionals, and a strong focus on customer service. These qualities help him to navigate the complexities of national sales management and contribute to the continued growth and success of MicroCare.

On a Personal Note
A proud Baltimorean, Vince was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital and has lived in Baltimore his entire life. He values the proximity to premier sports, the beach, the mountains, and the close-knit community of family. Vince and his wife, Dianne, have three adult children and two grandchildren, with whom they love spending time.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Vince is actively involved with Casey Cares, a charity providing activities and support for critically ill children. His personal interests include running, golfing, vacations to warm beaches, and enjoying nights out with friends.