Kevin Marion

Strategic Account Executive

Kevin Marion - A Goal-Oriented Strategic Account Executive with a Winning Outlook

Meet Kevin Marion, a results-driven Strategic Account Executive at MicroCare, known for his professionalism, care, and dedication. With a diverse background ranging from professional hockey to a successful sales career, Kevin brings a unique perspective and a problem-solving approach to his role. 

Hockey and Beyond

Kevin's passion for team sports, especially ice hockey, led him to play both baseball and hockey at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. After graduating, he pursued his dream of professional hockey, playing for the Columbus Chill in the ECHL. The experience of being part of a team taught him the value of teamwork, which later proved crucial in his sales career.

A Journey into Sales

In 1993, Kevin shifted gears and began his sales career at Marshall Industries, stepping into the unfamiliar world of semiconductors and production supplies. Thanks to his determination and willingness to learn, he quickly mastered the industry's intricacies. Over time, he built strong relationships with colleagues and customers alike, shaping the foundation of his successful sales career. In 2018, Kevin joined MicroCare after spending 18 years as the Central US Sales Manager at ITW.

Solving Problems and Building Solutions

As a Strategic Account Executive at MicroCare, Kevin excels in understanding the unique needs of his clients. He listens attentively, seeking to provide solutions rather than pushing products. Whether it's supporting existing cleaning applications or discovering new ones, Kevin's customer-centric approach has earned him a reputation as a reliable problem solver.

Embracing a Diverse Platform

With nearly 30 years in sales, Kevin has gained extensive knowledge of the regions he covers, identifying new markets, and expanding the company's end-user base and channel partnerships. He takes pride in MicroCare's diverse platform of products and solutions, catering to a wide range of markets, and continuously seeks innovative ways to promote them. "At MicroCare, our message is crystal clear—we are diversified in every way, equipped to cater to numerous markets and promote our products," said Kevin.

Lessons from Sports

Kevin's sports background has instilled valuable lessons in him, both in hockey and sales. The importance of teamwork, leadership, and a competitive spirit has translated seamlessly into his professional life, making him an effective and collaborative team player. 

Family and Community

Outside work, Kevin is a devoted family man, celebrating nearly 30 years of marriage with his wife, Kris. They have four children, Erika, Allison, Teddy and Charlie. They also share their home with three beloved dogs, Bucky, Beau and Louie.  His commitment to community service is admirable, as he volunteers at his local parish, supports local food pantries, and assists with programs for veterans. 

A Life Beyond Hockey

Though his professional hockey days are behind him, Kevin's love for sports remains strong. He coaches hockey part-time for teenage boys, showcasing his dedication to mentoring and developing young talent.