Lu Anne Green

Chief Operating Officer

Lu Anne Green - Driving Operational Excellence

Lu Anne Green embarked on her journey with MicroCare in December 2023, and currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. With a rich history of senior leadership roles directing global organizations across diverse industries such as Electronics, Lightning, Build Construction, Medical Devices, and Scrap Processing, her career has been marked by a focus on footprint rationalization, productivity initiatives, supply chain optimization, value engineering, and capital equipment management.

In her role at MicroCare, she leads our multi-site manufacturing and logistics Connecticut team, driving improvements in productivity and efficiency. Collaborating closely with our CEO, she is instrumental in developing and implementing the company’s operational strategy, ensuring the seamless execution of our MicroCare objectives.

Lu Anne earned her degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and later pursued an MBA from Western New England University. This educational foundation has provided her with a holistic understanding of product design and manufacturing processes, enabling her to approach challenges with a comprehensive perspective.

Career Achievements
Among Lu Anne’s proudest achievements is serving as a guest lecturer at the Wharton School of Business, sharing insights on supply chain management for custom order businesses. Additionally, she played a key role in opening a Medical Device manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, creating five hundred jobs for the local community.

Professional Philosophy
Lu Anne's professional choices and conduct are consistently shaped by principles closely aligned with those of MicroCare as a whole. These principles encompass unwavering integrity — translating words into actions, a readiness to engage hands-on when necessary, and a genuine recognition of commendable efforts. Regarding leadership and collaboration, she places significant emphasis on cultivating partnerships, promoting creative brainstorming initiatives, and securing the support and involvement of all involved.

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Lu Anne helps propel the MicroCare continuous improvement initiatives and fortifies our steadfast commitment to excellence.

Lu Anne Green