Juan De Paz-Lavalle

Chemist I

Juan De Paz-Lavalle - Chemical Virtuoso and Potion Connoisseur

Juan De Paz-Lavalle began his journey with MicroCare in 2021. Armed with a background in chemical and biological engineering, Juan swiftly became a vital member of the MicroCare Medical family, currently holding the position of Chemist I.

Career Overview
In his role as Chemist at MicroCare Medical, Juan is at the forefront of innovation. His responsibilities encompass the development of new products and reformulations to meet regulatory compliance. Juan orchestrates the day-to-day operations of the lab, from conducting performance maintenance and calibrations on equipment to handling product certifications and addressing manufacturing issues. Moreover, he is the driving force behind organizing and utilizing product data efficiently. With such a full plate, Juan credits open communication with his team to help them maintain their priorities and meet deadlines. 

Juan's career path was initially sparked by an internship at MicroCare in 2020, exposing him to the medical/dental instrument reprocessing business. The intriguing world of formulating and MicroCare's alignment with his engineering background made it a perfect fit.

Juan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical and biological engineering from Colorado State University. His education instilled in him a broad perspective, allowing him to explore diverse projects where engineering principles can be applied creatively. His work style is defined by a proactive approach and a keen eye for detail, focusing on future challenges and always actively seeking solutions.

Career Journey
At MicroCare, Juan's role has presented numerous opportunities for growth. From designing products for specific uses to delving into the nuances of formulating for specific markets, Juan has showcased his expertise in the medical/dental and electronics industries. Some of Juan's most satisfying moments are witnessing a formulation come together to create a finished product. 

Work-life Balance
To balance work and personal life, Juan enjoys relaxing with video games or watching Anaheim Angels and Colorado Rockies baseball. His favorite weekend activities include spending time with friends and family, playing guitar (mostly pop rock music) with his fiancé and brother, and savoring some good pozole.

Juan De Paz-Lavalle