Jordan Bartucca

Customer Relations Team Lead

Jordan Bartucca - The Inside Sales Person from Outer Space

Jordan Bartucca is our Customer Relations Team Lead. It is his job to help connect our customers with our team of sales reps and field technicians. “I serve as the go-between for everybody so customers get the help they need solving their critical cleaning issues,” he explained. Jordan also gives support by sending documents, answering product questions and entering orders.

“The assortment of industries we provide product for is incredible.”

Products for Many Industries

Jordan loves learning about many different industries through his work. “The assortment of industries we provide product for is incredible,” he said. “Medical device makers, fiber optics, electronics assembly, metal finishing, aerospace. The number and variety are huge.”

Jordan has been fascinated by space since he was about four years old. He expertly supports customers from all industries, but especially enjoys working with our aerospace customers. He even has his special Fisher Space Pen that he uses when working on their projects!

Welcome to MicroCare

In addition to his regular duties, Jordan also serves as our MicroCare “Welcome Team.” He coordinates the “welcome packages” delivered to new employees when they start work on their first day. The package includes a variety of MicroCare products they can use at home. “Employees can’t get enough of the MicroCare TidyPen2™. It works great on sticky stuff,” he said.

Music and MicroCare

Jordan attended the Hartford Conservatory of Music in Hartford, CT studying audio engineering. Before joining MicroCare in 2015, he engineered music at a couple of local music studios and played with various bands. Jordan still plays drums and guitar, but today his creative outlet is writing science fiction short stories.

His time in the music industry helped prepare Jordan for work at MicroCare. “It gave me a ground-level knowledge of electronics,” he said. “I was soldering guitar cables and repairing my own systems, so I had a hands-on working knowledge of soldering and flux removal.”

On a Personal Note

As an avid gamer, the sci-fi Mass Effect being his favorite, Jordan also disassembled, reworked and customized Nintendo 64 controllers as gifts for the groomsmen in his wedding party.

On weekends, Jordan enjoys live stand up comedy shows and watching movies with his wife. As a self-described Star Wars nerd, it’s no surprise his favorite movie, The Empire Strikes Back, is set in space. If given the chance, Jordan would like to be Luke Skywalker to wield a light saber, use force powers and fly a spaceship. Not to mention he secretly wishes Harrison Ford was his dad – there’s that space thing again!

Jordan, his wife Julie, and their son live in central Connecticut, just a few miles from the MicroCare headquarters in New Britain, CT. Julie works in marketing at the University of Connecticut and is co-host of the UConn 360 podcast. They share their home with two rescue dogs, Ruby and Champion. Champion has three legs and is named for the three-legged dog on the show Parks & Recreation. “I’m obsessed with taking pictures of them,” Jordan laughed.

Jordan's Dogs