Liam Taylor

European Business Manager, Fiber Optics

Liam Taylor - A Fibre Optics Expert and Customer Advocate

Liam Taylor brings a wealth of experience to his role as European Business Manager, Fibre Optics at MicroCare UK Ltd. With a background in marketing, trade shows and technical journals, Liam joined MicroCare in 2018, eager to contribute his expertise to the company's success.

A Passion for Fibre Optics

Having previously worked in the publishing industry, Liam's interest in the fibre networking industry was piqued. He launched a prominent industry magazine called "Optical Connections" and managed the highly successful ECOC exhibition, Europe's largest fibre optic exposition. Through these experiences, Liam gained valuable insights into the fibre optic industry and recognized MicroCare as a standout company.

Consultative Problem-Solver

Liam embraces a consultative approach to sales, focusing on understanding customer needs and offering tailored solutions. He thrives on asking the right questions and listening to customers, allowing him to provide effective problem-solving strategies. Liam values the deep technical resources available at MicroCare, which enable him to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers. 

Continuous Learning

Driven by his passion for the fibre optic industry, Liam actively pursues knowledge and certifications. He has attended various sessions on communications systems and fibre optic cabling principles. Liam is a certified professional recognized by the Fiber-optics Industry Association (FIA) in communications cabling. He is also a member of IEC/SC 86B Working Group 4.

Customer-Centric Culture

Liam was pleasantly surprised by the unwavering commitment of the MicroCare team to customer satisfaction. During a visit to MicroCare headquarters, he observed the genuine care and dedication exhibited by every employee. This customer-centric culture resonated with Liam and reinforced his belief in MicroCare's exceptional qualities as an employer and a business partner. “The most surprising thing about MicroCare is how much the people here really care,” said Liam.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Beyond his professional endeavors, Liam finds fulfillment in his roles as a husband and a father to two daughters. He takes great joy in witnessing the girls' growth and individuality. When not immersed in family life, Liam enjoys engaging in lively sports debates with a beer in hand.