Patty Casey

Customer Relations II

Patty Casey - Focused on the Job - and the Customer

Sales support is Patty Casey’s specialty. She started at MicroCare in 2020 and with her promotion to Customer Relations II in 2022, it is her job to assist the MicroCare sales team in providing the best care and support for our MicroCare customers.

“It’s my goal is to be a resource that our customers and the entire MicroCare team can rely on.”

Focused on the Details

Patty plays a big role in ensuring our customers receive their orders as expected, using her focus for details to ensure the specifics are right.  She efficiently processes pricing and availability inquiries and provides certificates and any other necessary paperwork to our customers. She also serves as a liaison between our customers and our technical managers to ensure our customers get the expert critical cleaning advice they need.

A Single-Tasking Work Style

Today’s experts now agree that the old “multi-tasking” workstyle of the past decade that was so highly hyped never really worked at all. It left projects scattered or poorly done. But that’s no surprise to Patty. Patty describes her work style as “focused”. She’s a proud “single-tasker” who’s not easily distracted and makes sure she stays on point until that particular job is done. Patty says, “It’s important to get one particular job done first. Once that’s complete, then move on to the next project needing attention”.

Welcoming Company Spirit

Patty honed her attention to detail while working in the beverage industry for many years before coming to the MicroCare team.  When the beverage company closed, Patty joined MicroCare where she says she found “a very welcoming team that cares about each other and their community.” Patty enjoys participating in the many MicroCare Cares charitable events including the Komen Foundation Race in the Park to support breast cancer research and the annual food, holiday gift and back-to-school drives.

On a Personal Note

Patty lives with her now-retired husband in Connecticut, not too far from the New Britain corporate offices. When not working she enjoys walking, golf, pickle ball and visiting their two adult children who live outside Boston.