Scott Wells

General Manager, Europe

Scott Wells - Award Winning General Manager

MicroCare made its first European sales in 1990 but it took 17 years for the market to support a dedicated sales team. Today the business has doubled time and time again. The credit for that success goes to Scott Wells, the MicroCare General Manager for Europe.

“MicroCare is an interesting company, a growing company, a fun company to work for.”

An Impressive Team

Scott built an impressive team. He supervises a network of distributors which stretches from Ireland to Russia. He has multiple, highly capable sales people on his team and two logistics centers, one in the UK and a larger facility outside of Brussels. He manages trade shows, creates brochures, monitors inventories, tracks currency fluctuations, watches the regulatory climate, selects the products and sets prices. It’s a complex, high-pressure job that Scott does very well.

The Road to MicroCare

Scott started his career with Maplin, a High Street retailer of electronics and components. Then he moved to Premier Farnell, which was setting up a whole new industrial components division. They recruited him as the product manager for soldering products. “That’s where I got to know the likes of Pace and Electrolube, and got into this line of work,” Scott recalled. Scott migrated to a sales management position at PACE and then to Electrolube. Finally, he moved to MicroCare in 2007.

“All in all, it was a very natural progression. All of those experiences were great training for my work at MicroCare,” he concluded. “Those jobs all involved pricing, costing, technical expertise, sales and end-user support. All of my experience is encompassed into what I am doing today.”

Never a Dull Day

Having served in so many companies, it’s natural for Scott to compare them. “MicroCare is an interesting company, a growing company, a fun company to work for, never a dull day,” he said. “Plus, we have plenty of opportunities to get our teeth into. On this side of the pond, we’re still the underdog, we’re not number one, and it’s exciting to build our way up the ladder.”

In 2017 Scott won the ‘Star Sales Performer” award at MicroCare. “That was fun — it’s such a big award it set off the metal detectors going through security at JFK airport!” Scott joked.

Scott Wells

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