Vince Libercci

The Prime Resource

Vince Libercci - Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Vince Libercci is the MicroCare Eastern Regional Sales Manager. Although he started at MicroCare in 2018, he’s been in the industry for decades. He started out at Newark Electronics where he worked for eleven years as a Branch Manager and a Sr. Branch Manager. He then moved to Techni-Tool where he spent 19 years as a Territory and Corporate Account Manager in the National Capital Region of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Today, Vince is helping our MicroCare customers solve their critical cleaning problems with a combination of innovative products and his well-honed sales expertise.

“I always strive to be a prime resource for my customers and a value-added partner.”

Long-Term Partnerships

Throughout his sales career, Vince has specialized in direct-solution selling, product demonstrations and problem-resolution for his customers. He knows the key to successful sales is building long-term customer relationships. “Good sales isn’t just a quick visit and a one-time pitch,” he said. “You have to build it over time, demonstrate your value, build trust. Forming a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customers is vital. Some of my-end user relationships are going on 20-years strong,” Vince said proudly.

A Prime Resource

Vince credits his mentors over the years for his relationship building success. “I learned a lot from them,” he reflected. He learned to ask questions and how to listen closely to customers’ answers. “I always strive to be a prime resource for my customers and a value-added partner,” Vince said. “Customers know they can reach out to me, whether it’s to ask a quick question or to share a particular challenge.”

Working with a Team

Vince enjoys working with the MicroCare distributor network. “Being there once myself, I understand their business and am familiar with their particular challenges,” he said. “It’s important to support our distributor team. After all, the more successful they are, the more successful we all will be.”

Award-Winning Performance

Well-known and respected throughout the industry, Vince has received numerous awards for his achievements including the Salesperson of the Year Award and the 2017 Presidents Club Award at Techni-Tool.

On a Personal Note

A proud Baltimorean, Vince was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and has lived in Baltimore his entire life. “Baltimore is a great place to live,” Vince enthused. “It’s easy to get to anything from here; premier sports, the beach, the mountains. Plus, much of my family is close by. A lot of us even live in the same neighborhood.”

Vince and his wife, Dianne, have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren, who they love spending time with.

When not working, Vince donates his time to Casey Cares, a charity that provides activities and PJ’s for critically ill children. He also enjoys running, golfing, vacations to warm beaches and nights out with friends. “My wife and I enjoy dinners out, live bands and making fools of ourselves on the dance floor,” Vince laughed.

Vince Libercci