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Liam Taylor

The Determined Team Player

European Business Manager, Fiber Optics

One of the newer members of the MicroCare team is Liam Taylor. Based in the United Kingdom, Liam joined MicroCare in 2018 after a long career in marketing trade shows and technical journals.

“The most surprising thing about MicroCare is how much the people really care.”


Early Days

Liam is from a small, quintessential English village in Kent, in the southeast corner of England. Most of his languid childhood was in the same small town even though he was just an hour from central London. “I spent far too much time playing soccer but did manage to scrape into a good grammar school,” he confessed. “Then I went to college for media arts, for three years, and that was in Kent, too.”


Marketing Fiber Optics

After knocking around the construction industry, Liam worked for twelve years in a large multinational publishing company. He launched a new industry magazine named “Optical Connections” and built a team to support it. He also managed the largest fiber optic exposition in Europe, the very successful ECOC exhibition. “The show is twice as big now, in both physical size and revenue, as it was ten years ago,” Liam said of that high-pressure environment. “It was our little baby. We just got on and did it. A true team effort.”


An Outsider’s View

Liam has been impressed with the MicroCare team for many years. Working at an industry exhibition offered him an unusual vantage point to observe different companies. “You can tell which ones are the good companies to work for, and the ones which are not; in the fiber industry people jump from job to job,” he noted. “But with MicroCare, the same people always showed up, nobody ever seemed to leave. That’s the sign of a good company to work for.”


Consultative Problem-Solving

The complexities of the fiber networking industry are a different sort of selling compared to the commercial pressures of publishing and exhibitions. In terms of fiber technology, Liam knows he’s on a pretty steep learning curve but is determined to master every nuance. He likes to ask questions and let the customer explain. It’s the sort of consultative problem-solving sales role he enjoys. He also appreciates the deep technical resources available from MicroCare, which back him up with customers.


Keeping Customer Promises

“The most surprising thing about MicroCare is how much the people really care. Everybody I spoke to, going around the factory, in any division or department, they all really care about keeping their promise to the customer,” Liam said, discussing his recent visit to MicroCare headquarters. “I would have thought by now, in a company this size, somebody would have said, ‘Hey I’m just here for the money.’ But nobody said anything like that, they really are a team and they really want it to work.”


On a Personal Note

There’s a team in his home-life, as well. Liam and his wife have one young daughter, which is a thrill in a family famous for only having sons. “The biggest single achievement in my life has been my daughter,” Liam explained with a smile. “I’m the parent at home. She’s the devil incarnate but being a father has been a thrill. I love watching what she has become, developing her own character and her own personality.”


When he’s not tending the family, Liam’s passion is debating sports with a beer in his hand. He also enjoys playing sports, almost any sport, but soccer is his favorite. “I’m even getting back into golf. I struggle with it, I’m a lefty, but I’ll get there in the end,” he said. A very determined team player, our Mr. Taylor.

Photo of Liam Taylor
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