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TriggerGrip™ Replacement Brushes

Product Information

Fresh TriggerGrip™ Replacement Brushes provide better quality cleaning


  • Made with natural bristles for ED control
  • The RBNB is the standard replacement brush for the TriggerGrip™ PCB Cleaning Tool
  • The RBNB2 brush has 'Slo-Flo' restrictor built-in to reduce solvent flow - handy when working with with slower-drying solvents
  • TriggerGrip™ Replacement Brushes are sold in 5-packs so you always have a fresh, clean brush ready for replacement
  • Brushes slip easily into place for fast replacements and less down time
  • Brushes typically last 3-4 months under normal conditions, but replace more frequently for the best quality cleaning
  • NSN: 3439-01-428-3240 (Slo-Flo Brush)

Learn More with the TriggerGrip Quick Start Training Video.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-RBNB RBNB MCC-RBNB Box of Standard Brushes 5 Brushes/Box 5 Brushes/Box
Product Image MCC-RBNB2 RBNB2 MCC-RBNB2 Box of Slo-Flo Brushes 5 Brushes/Box 5 Brushes/Box
Package Box of Standard Brushes Box of Slo-Flo Brushes
Size 5 Brushes/Box 5 Brushes/Box 5 Brushes/Box 5 Brushes/Box
Technical Data Sheet